Features of RapidX
Access Control System
Control who gets to access which API at a micro level using predefined roles or custom conditions!
CRUD APIs from Schema
Get APIS supporting advanced filter, aggregation, pagination, row count, micro-level access control all by defining Schema. Not sure of schema, upload sample data & we got you.
Scheduled Code Execution
Want automated, server-side script logic that executes at a specified time or on a recurring basis? We got you!
Want to send updation information on your application as it happens? Use our webhooks and it'll be like strolling in a park!
3rd party integrations
Slack, Email, Calendar, Zapier you name it.
SSO Authentication
Okta, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Auth.0, Twitter, we support all major ones and just one click away.
i18n Support
Thinking about APIs, why not i18n ready APIs? Why show generic English riddled errors to the Spanish audience? Get it with zero effort!
No Vendor Lockin
It's like Firebase on Steroids married to a top-notch iPaaS platform with in-house hand-written code quality. Walkout when you want.
Super Fast APIs
We do post-processing of your code & allow you pinpointed optimizations. For APIs with higher traffic, provision extra elastic resources.
Schema from Sample Data
Not sure about the data types in your data model? Don't worry, you can upload sample CSV files for easy Schema Design.
Your code is yours only
We provide you full code ownership and without any black-boxing.
6th Sense Code Editor
Get a Notion like Code Editor, which guides and suggests you for the next line, even dummies can code business logic!
Real-time Chat and IoT Pub-Sub Support
We provide durable message storage and real-time delivery with high availability and consistent performance at scale.
APIs into micro-services
Deploy group of APIs into independent microservices in a blink.
AI Backend Designing
We provide AI to assist you in Database and Architecture decisions.
Change the way you work with RapidX
For the teams who like getting things done!